Two-Cent Coin

The two-cent coin was minted for circulation from 1864 to 1872. Abraham Lincoln signed the Coinage Act of 1864 which made it legal to mint coins in non-precious metals. Previously coins were made of precious metals like copper, nickel, silver, and gold. The two-cent coin was one of the first coins minted as non-precious metal alloy. It was also the first US coin to be inscribed with the phrase “In God We Trust”.

Large Cent

The large cent (as opposed to the small cent size of the modern penny) was minted from 1793 until 1857 when it was replaced by the small cent. The diameter of a large cent is slightly bigger than a modern day quarter and made of solid copper. There are several variations of the large cent: flowing hair cents, liberty cap cents, draped bust cent, classic head cents, coronet or matron head cents, braided hair cents.

American Eagle Gold Coin Values

The iconic American eagle gold coin is one of the most highly sought after and coveted coins collected by numismatics and gold investors. They can be worth far more than their face value or weight in gold. This article will tell you about the history of the gold eagle, help you identify what type you have, and how to determine what it’s worth.

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