Free Price Guide for Coins

Use MAVIN to look up the value of your coins. Enter your coin’s details into the search box to see how much it’s worth.

You’ll need these details:

  1. Enter the year of the coin. For example “1944”.
  2. Enter the mint mark right after the year. Seperate them with a hyphen (For example “1944-S”). Mint marks can be hard to find. Some coins, especially older ones, won’t have a mint mark. And some mint marks have been worn away. If you can’t find the mint mark, don’t enter it.
  3. Enter the coin name. For example “mercury dime”.

Looking up Coin Values

If you get too many results…

Use the checkboxes! Scroll through the results and use the checkboxes to pick a few coins that are exactly like yours. Click on the thumbnails to make sure the comparables you choose are in the same condition as your coin. By using the checkboxes it will give you a much more accurate estimate of what your coin is worth.

Graded Coins

If your coin is professionally graded enter the coins grade, for example “MS65”. If it’s graded by an amatuer don’t enter “very fine” or “VF” for example, just search for your coin without using grade and then use the checkboxes to pick a few that match your coins condition.

What to do next:

After you’ve looked up the value of your coins using the price guide, you have several options:

Sell them. You’ll likely get the best price by selling them on eBay. It’ll take a little bit of work on your part but you’ll get the best price possible. If you have a big collection of coins that aren’t worth much money, you could sell the entire collection as “a lot”. This would save you a lot of time selling the collection, but you wouldn’t get as much money as if you listed the coins individually. You could also take them to a retail coin shop in your area, or find a coin dealer who might be interested in purchasing your coin collection. Keep in mind a shop or dealer will need to make a profit, so don’t expect to get nearly as much for your coins as you’d get selling them online.

Keep them. Coins can actually be a good investment. Coins made of precious metals like gold and silver are timeless investments that seem to always appreciate in value over the years.

Give them away. consider giving them away to someone who will truly appreciate them… pass them on to a kid, you’ll likely spur their interest in collecting and history in general. To a young kid, a bunch of old coins are like treasure. Pass the hobby on to the next generation!